Posted on by Lauren Tweedy


About 3 years ago while I was in Greece, I made the awful decision of laying my purse down on a bench, while I tried to wrestle the rest of my luggage at the airport. When I turned back around, my purse was gone...along with my breath!!! My purse basically had my life in it, so of course I freaked out. Back then, I LOVED big totes. I would stuff my purses with anything and everything so I would always be prepared. Medicine, make-up, extra jewelry, insurance cards, baby wipes, nail clippers, etc. You name it, I had it.
 Joke was on me though, because when my purse was stolen I was S.O.L. to say the least! Ever since then I’ve used smaller purses and have had to learn how to minimize the Mary Poppins bag. So what do I have in my purse now? Well…
Germ Freak
 I HATE washing my hands with soap from public restrooms…something about the smell of the soap makes me want to gag! So I always have some hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works in my purse.
 Accident Waiting to Happen…
I always have Advil and band-aides at all times – I swear to God, you would think I’m 90 years old! I’m always in need of repair!
Chatter Box
My iPhone / mini charger because I am constantly trying to charge my phone…I never remember to charge it at night.
 Excuse me, Miss?
 Having multiple forms of ID on me, is a no brainer. I ALWAYS get questioned about my age. My last name probably doesn’t help on the legitimacy of my I.D. though haha!
Zoo Patrol
If I’m wearing black, best believe I have a mini lint roller in my bag. TOO MUCH FUR.
Inspector Gadget 
So this addition to my purse is new, but it is SO cool. I found dry shampoo that comes in a PEN!! Literally the size of a ball-point pen, so it is perfect for on the go. The same company makes deodorant pens, AND perfume pens. I mean seriously how genius!?! They all come in handy on days when you know you will be on the go non-stop.