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*Correction: Saxby was an Alpha Gamma member of the University of Alabama.

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The Sweater Skirt Set

sweater skirt set

sweater: Lou & Grey, skirt: Lou & Grey, booties: Dolce Vita, earring 1: Jules Smith, earring 2: Gorjana, clutch: Sax B, cell phone case: Bauble Bar, wallet: Tusk, hat: Tenth Street


The sweater skirt set is the freshest thing I have seen this winter. It is so unique, but without being uncomfortable or outrageous. In fact, it is very comfortable and perfectly ‘rageous (new word, y’all?).

Where To Find A Sweater Skirt Set

Finding a sweater skirt set is difficult. Finding one that doesn’t itch is a whole other devil. This trend hasn’t really hit enough designers and stores, so you have to dig. My favorite is the Lou & Grey sweater skirt set I’m sporting, but those cheap trendy online stores, like ChicWish and Shein, have quite a few that are supremely stylish. Note: I have used ChicWish; they are reliable, but run incredibly small. Shein I have not used yet. You can see all the wonderfully weird retailers that have made the delicious sweater skirt set, below.

Sweater Skirt Set No-Nos

I am not a fan of the crop top sweater skirt set or the super short sweater skirt. Skip the overdone sexy sets, and stay sophisticated with a midi-length sweater skirt. You also shouldn’t wear flats unless you are very tall and want to rock the chunky sneaker, a la fashion week goer. My absolute favorite way to wear a sweater skirt set is with a heeled bootie with a pointed toe. This will fight the shortening aspect of the sweater bulk and elongate your look and your legs.

Where To Wear A Sweater Skirt Set

A sweater skirt set is perfect for work if it’s not too tight, too short, or too sloppy. Just pair it with work appropriate booties. I also say sport it to a casual dinner or happy hour. As for the evening, the tighter versions, like the green DVF goodie featured above, are definitely worthy of a night out with the girls or your lover. But most sweater skirt sets don’t feel festive enough for a wilder Saturday night. That’s your call though.

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sweater skirt set

Photos by Dayley Photography

Makeup by Antonella Annibale

My blog posts are my honest and personal opinion. Sometimes my content includes products sent from brands or PR firms. In this case, I was sent a sample from Tenth Street and Sax B. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

Alice The Mag

Where To Find Clear Jewelry, Clear Handbags & More


In a world filled with hungry sales associates and overzealous media sources, V-Style is a safe place for a stylish woman to get efficient, well-researched fashion advice from an authentic expert, Vanessa Valiente, Personal Stylist.


I’m going to clear the air and tell you how much I adore clear jewelry, clear handbags, clear shoes, clear sunglasses — clear anything really. I can’t get enough of the high-quality, see-through goodies. Below, are a few of my favorite translucent accessories.

Leith Cloud Jelly Slide Sandal

clear jewelry

Leith $59.95

These Leith Cloud Jelly Slide Sandals are so chic and comfortable, but don’t wear them while running around for five hours. They gave me two blisters when I did that. I’m looking forward to giving them a try on a less hectic work day.

Alexis Bittar Crystal Spike Hinge Bracelet

Alexis Bittar has always been my go-to source for clear jewelry with their consistent collection of lucite. This Crystal Spike Hinge Bracelet is their newest embellished clear bangle.

Alexis Bittar Organic Bangle Bracelet

If you want to skip all the bling, go for this Alexis Bittar Organic Bangle Bracelet.

Alexis Bittar Oblong Bubble Ring

It’s so hard to find a clear ring. Thank you Alexis Bittar for this Oblong Bubble Ring.

Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Post Earring

These Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Post Earrings might be my favorite clear jewelry piece on the list.

Baublebar Lova Drop Earrings

clear jewelry

Baublebar $36

I love the flirtatious behavior of these Baublebar Lova Drop Earrings. They are available at Nordstrom and Baublebar.

Kendall and Kylie Women’s Leila2 Lucite Block Heel Sandals

I adore these Kendall and Kylie Women’s Leila2 Lucite Block Heel Sandals. They are a little too tall for my comfort, but my high heel gals will be just fine. They are available at Bloomingdale’s and Shopbop.

Baublebar Lessa Set of 2 Clear Bracelets

clear jewelry

Baublebar $38

These Baublebar Lessa Set of 2 Bracelets are perfect for clear stacking. They are available at Nordstrom and Baublebar.

Kate Spade New York Polka Dot Clear Umbrella

This Kate Spade New York Polka Dot Clear Umbrella is adorably chic. It’s sold at Nordstrom, Shopbop, Kate Spade, and Amazon.

Jeffrey Campbell Carine Sandal

clear jewelry

Jeffrey Campbell $114.95

These Jeffrey Campbell Carine Sandal shoes were featured in my Pastel Suit post. They are so sexy, fun and comfortable. The elastic straps do leave impressions on your foot though. They don’t hurt at all, but I wanted to warn you.

Baublebar Lira Flower Drop Earrings

clear jewelry

Baublebar $36

I actually haven’t seen these Baublebar Lira Flower Drop Earrings in person yet, though I can’t wait to see how they hang. Notice how the post is at the top of the earrings, and not at the center. They are sold at Nordstrom, Baublebar, and Bloomingdale’s.

Banana Republic Stevie Sunglasses

It’s a little-known secret that Banana Republic consistently makes awesome sunglasses. I love their clear Banana Republic Stevie Sunglasses. I might love clear sunglasses more than I love clear jewelry, but there’s no reason to choose between the two. 

ShedRain Auto Open Stick Clear Dome Umbrella

clear jewelry

ShedRain $30

A clear umbrella like the ShedRain Auto Open Stick Clear Dome Umbrella is so cute and useful. You can actually see what’s happening around you while you hide underneath it.

Alexis Bittar Liquid Metal Hoop Post Earring

I love the bold look, yet light weight of these Alexis Bittar Liquid Metal Hoop Post Earrings.

The Handbag Raincoat ‘Maxi – City Slicker’ Handbag Protector

The Handbag Raincoat ‘Maxi – City Slicker’ Handbag Protector is a wonderful idea for when a leather handbag meets a rainy city. San Diegans won’t really need this, but you Londoners will. This raincoat is available at Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Amazon.

Rachel Comey Arc Earrings

clear jewelry

Rachel Comey $104

Hurray! More clear jewelry! These large Rachel Comey Arc Earrings are so much fun. Get ready to make a statement.

Sax B Bags Stadium Bag Clear Clutch

clear jewelry

Sax B Bags $75

I have been wanting to try Sax B Bags’ customized Stadium Bag Clear Clutch. You can pick the color of the leather wristlet and the metal of your choice for the studs.

Give Stadium Chic • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 72 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #29

I saw these at The Girl Tribe POP-Up and fell in love. They are the nicest stadium-approved clear bags I have ever seen. I’ll share my very favorite in a minute.

These bags are in cute shapes with interesting straps and hardware. How they made a PVC bag cute enough to want to carry outside the stadium is a real talent. This is the first clear bag I would actually want. I’m going to get one for lake and beach days, too.

Here’s my absolute favorite and what I think is a brilliant idea. They make totes with guitar straps. I loooovvvve this idea.

They make me want to use guitar straps on everything. I just need to decide which bag I want. If you have someone in your list who likes to attend soccer or football games, this stadium bag will be a winner. They have several sizes, styles, price points and colors to choose from. Shop them here or tap any picture.

Sarah Wisted


I think I’ve found a new uniform until Georgia decides it’s officially too cold for no pants (which can literally happen overnight). Who doesn’t love a good OTK boot?… but I MEAN these are making me look TALL and I’m ecstatic.

I think us shorties, I’m 5’2″, have found the answer – – short shirt dresses + over the knee boots = tall.

Let’s stick to that story… and maybe I’ll buy a few more pairs just to test the theory for you. These ones are from Public Desire (linked below). The shape of the block heel with the sock boot style is just so good. I am still very much into the sock boot trend, but am also loving the slouchy, calf-high, boots also. I’ll have to search down a few good pairs for you, because you KNOW I’m already full on search party mode. I bet Zara has a few good pairs…

Anyway, styling an oversized shirt as a dress is definitely not rocket science. I think the key here is to make sure the dress isn’t too long or too short. If it’s too long, you can risk looking frumpy. In my opinion, find a dress that hits a little less than half way up your thigh. If you have super skinny legs you can get away with a little shorter. Thicker legs, a little longer. In other words, you want the hem to hit just below where your thigh is about to be the thickest. We out here trying to make our legs look thin, remember? P.s. the boots help. Also, the best shirt dresses are when the back is longer than the front. Seriously. You can be way more relaxed knowing your butt isn’t about to be shown to the world at any moment…unless you’re into that kinda thing.

SIDE NOTE: you can win this perfectly designed PVC tote. Check out my instagram post (here) with details on how to enter.

Here’s how I styled it. Links to all items below the post:

Oversized Shirt: Zara

Boots: Public Desire (similar, similar)

Bag: Sax B

Sunglasses: Zero UV

all photography via Viva Lux Photography | | @vivaluxphotography



PSA: These Under-the-Radar Instagram Brands Are As Affordable As They Are Cool

Anna Buckman

PSA: These Under-the-Radar Instagram Brands Are As Affordable As They Are Cool

I don’t know how I survived shopping before Instagram. I’ve always had an obsession with finding cool brands. But discovering those brands as a teen in Kentucky with only dial-up internet connection and a basic knowledge of eBay was a lost cause. So when someone opened my eyes to Instagram and all its wonders in high school, my life changed almost instantly.

While fashion brands weren’t quite as easy to find on the platform in its early days, Instagram is now a treasure trove I look to constantly for new designers and unique pieces. While there’s no shortage of brands to obsess over, as a young adult who tries to be financially responsible, I’ve found that I can’t afford most of them just yet. And that’s fine—designers should get paid well for the artwork they create, and that may just mean I can’t buy their clothes for now. But that also means when I do find pieces that cost less than a month’s rent, I kind of freak out.

Being able to inform others about cool but accessible new brands is so exciting to me. And since I’ve kind of made that my mission in life, I’ve discovered some seriously awesome under-the-radar and affordable brands on Instagram that I can’t not share with you. Without further ado, here are four Instagram accounts you need to know about now that you can actually afford.

Affordable Instagram T-shirt Brands

PHOTO: @marsannebrands


T-shirt enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Marsanne’s handmade tees are anything but basic, and—even better—no two are alike. Check them out for all your “artistic streetwear needs” at shockingly good prices.

Shop my picks: Marsanne Human Cropped Tee ($25), Marsanne Chordata Tee($69), Marsanne Bubble Gum Girl Tee ($29)

PHOTO: @shop_sax_b

Sax B

According to the brand’s website, “The idea for Sax B bags came about when the University of Alabama changed their stadium bag policy.” Thus, a line of clear bags was born. Now, Sax B sells a range of products, from envelope pouches to mini wallets, but we’re definitely partial to the original clear bag designs.

Shop my picks: Sax B The Simply Striped Pouch ($25), Sax B The Small Tote With Acrylic Rectangle Handles ($85), Sax B Snake Skin Zipper Pouch ($12)

Dreamers Not Allowed

This Barcelona-based brand clearly understands Instagram-worthy clothing (hello, graphic tees and pastel tank tops), and I am 100% here for it. Plus, their website states that they use organic cotton, deadstock fabrics, and handmade prints so that their garments are produced in a sustainable way—a major win in my book.

Shop my picks: Dreamers Not Allowed Daniela Skirt (€35), Dreamers Not Allowed Lilly Hand Made Top (€32), Dreamers Not Allowed Joanna Jacket (€65)

Affordable Instagram Brands

PHOTO: @brianamone_


I’m forever searching for summer pieces I can feel good in, and BrianaMoné clearly has the warm weather wardrobe down to a science. My favorite part about this brand is the fact that every piece is handmade to order, so you can be sure you’re getting an original item no matter what you buy.

Shop my picks: BrianaMoné Viva Skirt ($30), BrianaMoné Viva Top ($12), BrianaMoné Skimpy Bikini Top ($18)

What are some affordable brands you’ve discovered on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening image by @dreamersnotallowed.